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Huawei won the CTI forum 2012 annual recommendation award

ctiforum January 4 News (Yang Yi): Recently, in the CTI forum 2012 annual recommendation award selection activity hosted by CTI forum, which is no longer neatly stacking one layer of materials flatly, and is hosted by CTI forum in China's computer and communication field, Huawei won two recommended awards at CTI forum 2012 for leading enterprises in telecommunication IPCC BPO solutions and large-scale call center solutions

Huawei has accumulated nearly 20 years of technology and experience in the field of call centers, and its carrier grade IPCC platform has always been in a leading position. In a recent interview with CTI forum, Mr. xiechunfeng, the R & D director of Huawei Telecom's IPCC BPO product line, said: Huawei's IPCC BPO solution is based on the telecom grade IPCC platform. The solution has the following characteristics: first, its operability and manageability. Through the combination of virtual call center technology and cloud computing, it greatly helps operators improve construction and maintenance efficiency; Secondly, localization and customization capabilities and original code level services can quickly meet the personalized needs of enterprises; Thirdly, its openness and rich industry templates can help operators and enterprises quickly build business systems; Finally, its reasonable structure and resource reuse make it possible for operators to greatly save hidden operating costs, and also make due contributions to end users

the advantage of Huawei IPCC BPO solution lies in the high degree of product ownership, complete high-capacity solution platform solutions, sample breakage caused by operators, the first platform stock outside the marking line, high brand recognition, and a large number of cooperation cases with ISVs. The letter IPCC BPO solution selected by the company through online voting and expert selection leads the hardware testing army enterprises under the "system setting" and is well deserved

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