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Huawei wireless released enabling indoor digital economy strategy

during the 2017 Huawei global analyst conference, Huawei wireless released the 2017 small cell development strategy to the industry, continued to focus on the vast blue ocean market of indoor mobile broadband, and helped operators develop the indoor digital economy and capture new growth opportunities by providing xgbps user experience, reshaping the new indoor digital ecosystem of the whole scene, and expanding the new boundaries of the operator b2v market

according to a survey conducted by Huawei x labs on the time distribution of urban population activities, indoor areas gather the most important parts of social and economic life, and more than 70% of urban population activities occur in indoor areas such as families, office buildings, shopping centers, sports venues, and these upstream and downstream cooperation mechanisms have played a good role in promoting the implementation and utilization of materials. The corresponding mobile network analysis shows that more than 80% of the data traffic occurs in indoor areas. With the surge of high-definition video and other high-volume services, this proportion is continuing to rise. The traditional indoor mobile network is also facing more and more challenges:

the coverage of outdoor macro stations is limited by penetration loss indoors, and the indoor traditional Das network is limited by simulation. Therefore, gb228 (2) 002 suggests the inherent capacity limitations of the system, which makes it impossible for operators to provide users with a consistent indoor and outdoor Gbps experience; Video and other high-volume businesses have exacerbated the mismatch between traffic growth and revenue growth, and operators urgently need to significantly reduce the single bit cost; The growth of B2C market of operators is slowing down day by day. How to seek breakthroughs in vertical industry markets such as shopping malls, transportation hubs and large enterprises to achieve new b2v business growth; Traditional indoor networks lack the ability to evolve to 5g, which are important issues faced by operators

to this end, Huawei small cell will focus on enabling the indoor digital economy strategy, go deep into the indoor mobile broadband network digitization concept, and continue to help operators explore new opportunities:

new experience: the user's indoor experience will be upgraded from 1Gbps to xgbps. Huawei's new generation lampsite 3.0 breaks through the key RF technology bottleneck that has plagued the industry for many years for the first time, and truly realizes full bandwidth; Support a large number of technological innovations such as more flexible multi carrier aggregation, distributed mimo/virtual 4t4r, 256qam, greatly improve the capacity of indoor mobile broadband network, and effectively reduce the cost of single bit network; At the same time, lampsite 3.0's 5g oriented capability design will effectively protect operators' investment

new ecosystem: reshape the industrial value chain of indoor MBB and create a new ecosystem of win-win cooperation. For the first time in the industry, Huawei lampsite 3.0 provides a full bandwidth capability of up to 240mhz, enabling more players, including owners, to participate in the construction of digital infrastructure. At the same time, Huawei will also increase industrial cooperation with key partners in the industrial chain such as global excellent indoor network planning and design manufacturers, site providers, indoor network integrators, and create a new ecosystem of win-win cooperation

new boundaries: help operators continue to expand their business boundaries from B2C to b2v, accelerate indoor digital connectivity, and achieve new business growth. Huawei builds a digital basic network through lampsite, and realizes the opening of basic network capabilities and mec (mobile edge computing) business innovation through service anchor, such as indoor cellular based precise location service, user big data analysis, video acceleration, local business processing LBO (local breakout), etc., to help operators provide services for shopping malls, stadiums, transportation hubs The owners of large and medium-sized enterprises and other vertical industries realize digital business innovation, and create the joint class, which will become the fastest-growing orthopedic implant smart mall, smart gymnasium, smart transportation and smart enterprise in the future, so as to improve the operation efficiency and income, so as to realize the new business growth of operators

Peng Honghua, President of Huawei small cell product line, said: creating new indoor experience, building a new indoor ecosystem, expanding new business boundaries, gathering new indoor partners, and exploring new indoor opportunities are the key goals and Strategies of Huawei small cell 2017 experimental instruments and equipment, which are all kinds of tensile testing machines and thickness measuring instruments that meet the requirements. We hope to work with the industry to promote the development of indoor mobile broadband industry, Jointly enable the indoor digital new economy

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