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Huawei watch will go on sale in Western Europe from now on. Huawei consumer business (BG) officially launched a new smart watch Huawei watch to the European market at IFA. This smart watch adopts a classic design inspired by Swiss watches, and will be sold in Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Italy this month. The second transmission mode cannot guarantee the synchronization of transmission. The price ranges from 399.00 euros to 699.00 euros, depending on the selected design function. Huawei watch will also accept reservations in the United States from now on (September 2). It will also be listed and sold in the United Kingdom, Japan and the United Arab Emirates in October. More information about the region seeking balanced sales between the invisible hand and the visible hand will be released later this year

nowadays, consumers are no longer satisfied with simply staying connected. They expect a high-end smart watch with technological innovation. When designing this smart watch, we are eager to integrate the best technology and innovation with high-end materials, classic appearance and touch. With the help of sapphire glass and round dial, we think Huawei watch has achieved this

this is the first smart watch in Huawei's wearable device series, and it is also the first watch on the market that truly integrates fashion and technology seamlessly. Huawei watch is supported by Android wear, which allows you to stay connected no matter where you are, and is equipped with instant notification functions such as incoming calls, text messages, text messages and emails. With Bluetooth connection for wireless headsets and music offline download support, you can stay active at any time more easily. The music can be turned on by voice command, and the user can search the destination and navigate to the route of the destination with the help of the same voice operation. With the help of the find me function of this smart watch, locating the missing has never been so easy

nowadays, Android and IOS users can connect with Huawei watch with the help of Google's latest version of Android wear

classic aesthetic design

huawei watch adopts a size of 42mm close to the diameter of traditional watches. The dial adopts a unique round design, and the crown is located at two o'clock

a range of rose gold, stainless steel and black bodies are available, while providing a variety of customized dial designs, as well as a range of classic, luxury, business, elegant, modern and minimalist appearances

optional strap includes stainless steel case, stainless steel chain, rose gold and black plated stainless steel chain metal, as well as brown and black leather. The watch strap is easy to replace, and any style of watch strap is closely matched with the 18mm wide watch ear interface

classic craftsmanship

this smart watch is made of precision materials. It is equipped with an all round 1.4-inch touch sensitive AMOLED display covered with sapphire glass (the favorite of Swiss watch manufacturers), a cold forged stainless steel body, a built-in heart rate monitor and a 6-axis motion sensor. It has a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels, a pixel density of 286 PPI and a contrast of 10000:1, making it the brightest Android wear smart watch so far

while retaining the classic high-end appearance design of traditional watches, Huawei's consumer business also collaborated with Mario Testino, the world's most famous fashion photographer, to create aesthetic advertising blockbusters, in which American supermodel Karlie kloss and the world's top male model Sean o pry performed together

new era of sports technology

huawei watch is equipped with a heart rate detection sensor (PPG sensor) that can accurately measure heart rate. The sensor is slightly convex, so as to make better contact with the skin. Therefore, the traditional hydraulic universal testing machine should adopt the equal amount step-by-step loading method to measure the elastic modulus, while loading and recording to improve the accuracy

the 6-axis motion sensor with gyroscope and accelerometer helps to track your activities anytime, anywhere, and can distinguish different sports activities, including walking, running and mountain climbing

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