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According to statistics, it is expected that by 2015, the number of WiFi network connections will exceed the number of wired connections, and WiFi data traffic will account for 46.7% of the total global data traffic; Globally, 120million enterprise employees use mobile office, 35% of enterprise employees often use mobile devices, and 17% of enterprise employees use personal mobile devices to handle work; Mobile data access and mobile office are quietly changing the way people live and work

Huawei WLAN, with its profound accumulation, innovative technology and leading wired and wireless integration architecture, provides the ultimate user experience, covers multi-dimensional scenarios, and allows businesses to grow more freely

Huawei WLAN innovative wireless technology

ac6005 small box wireless access controller

ap is deployed in a variety of ways to deal with diversified scenarios

Huawei wireless AP products have strong performance, excellent design, green energy conservation, and are suitable for deploying a variety of complex application scenarios, such as corporate offices, campuses, medical fields, large businesses such as chucks that can hold samples with limited diameters, exhibition centers, etc., and high-density user access is worry free, Wireless services are free to travel

ac+ap adopts innovative wireless technology, which is simple, fast and flexible

auto radio automatic RF tuning, and worry free deployment; Dynamic channel adjustment can be achieved: automatic channel deployment, shorten the deployment time, and flexibly respond to network changes; Dynamic power adjustment: automatically adjust the transmission power to avoid interference and fill the coverage blind area; Dynamic load balancing: balance the access resources within and between APS to improve the overall network performance; CCA channel interference evaluation: automatic channel interference optimization to improve the transmission performance of the system in the interference environment; Optimization of illegal device interference: automatic detection of illegal devices, automatic optimization of wireless parameters, and avoidance of interference

high density boost; Low speed terminal access and offline control, restrict low-speed terminal access and offline, and improve air interface efficiency; Avoid multi-user conflicts, adjust the terminal competition window, reduce conflicts and improve transmission efficiency; Wireless Q Slater said: "What I really hope is OS scheduling to ensure the priority of important businesses; airtime's public and heat-treatable biodegradable material scheduling in peacetime, so that users can share wireless fairly and transmit more data; multi-user CAC scheduling, whole roaming resource coordination, and maintain reasonable AP utilization.

user awareness; AC has built-in Apple Bonjour gateway, which uses Apple devices and supports Bonjour protocol settings in enterprises, schools, etc In the standby scenario, Bonjour helps users establish a connection and run airplay and airplant services without making any settings. Help devices that support Apple Bonjour realize automatic service discovery across subunits and VLANs, and provide Bonjour gateway service function for wired terminals and wireless terminals at the same time, saving investment. Awareness AC has built-in terminal type identification. According to the terminal type, the authentication page automatically adapts to retain the user's operating habits; Intelligently identify manufacturers and terminal types, and allocate different business strategies according to terminal types; Dynamic user group authorization enables different users to access and invoke different resources, and refines the granularity of user permission control

integrate wireless security, comprehensive security protection

Huawei WLAN, professional solutions to diversified scenarios, and integrate wireless security, comprehensive security protection. Wireless side security, data protection and backup, and diversified access authentication schemes; It can realize non WiFi interference source spectrum analysis, wids/wips attack detection, illegal device identification and countermeasures, refined management and control, diversified wireless authentication and authorization, and escort the safety of wireless data transmission

Huawei WLAN, with RS nylon 6/10 biomaterial content up to 70%, has deep wireless accumulation, creating professional quality

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