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Huawei won the "best cloud platform in Africa" award

ctiforum on June 15 (Yang Jialin): Recently, Huawei won the best cloud platform in Africa award at the recent African cloud summit dinner hosted by informa Telecom with its Galax cloud computing platform

as the first and largest cloud computing summit in Africa, this summit attracted a total of about 500 CIOs and Telecommunications experts from operators and large enterprises to register to participate. Vodacom/mtn/cell/telkom/econet, the mainstream operator in southeast Africa, and ibm/microsoft/parallel/business connection, the mainstream manufacturer of regional cloud computing, participated in the summit

Huawei Galax cloud computing management system platform is the core component of Huawei's cloud computing system solution. It is the king of "leftovers" at home and abroad to be widely used. Huawei Galax cloud platform focuses on the transformation of operators and enterprise cloud computing. It has the advantages of super large-scale capacity, cross domain resource management, flexible scheduling, cost-effective mass storage, end-to-end security, refined operation and maintenance billing, and effectively supports the operations and applications of operators and enterprise customers. It is an ideal choice for the new generation of data center cloud computing software platform. The best cloud platform in Africa award recognizes Huawei's contribution to the technological progress of African countries in this field

Huawei Galax cloud platform has a variety of benefits, including providing end users with self-service purchase access and paying according to usage, so as to help them reduce costs. End users can order virtual resources according to business needs and flexibly adjust their consumption in case of service fluctuations. The service fee will depend on the actual use of virtual resources

Huawei announced its long-term cloud computing strategy at the African cloud summit. Li Dafeng, President of Huawei's southeast Africa division, said: this strategy includes moving services to the cloud platform and establishing an open and cooperative ecosystem on the basis of integrating the platform. Huawei will promote the implementation of greener and more effective innovative cloud computing in IT applications and solutions

Huawei has helped users around the world establish 210 data centers, 20 of which have been cloud computing data centers for a long time. In addition, Huawei has also built the world's largest desktop cloud for the internal use of self-developed cloud computing solutions. By the end of 2011, it has provided services to about 45000 Huawei internal employees. More than 100000 users worldwide use Huawei desktop cloud

in terms of scale commercial use of cloud computing, we have cooperated with 85 users in 33 countries. The global sales volume of Huawei servers related to cloud computing and data center construction has increased by 130% annually. R & D personnel can also go to the customer's factory to investigate and solve technical problems%. Li Dafeng added

at the beginning of this year, Huawei cooperated with the African Union to provide VDI (virtual cloud infrastructure) solutions for the 18th African Union conference held in Ethiopia, and this trend will continue in the future. All participants, including the heads of 18 African countries, spoke and viewed the materials using Huawei virtual desktop cloud

Huawei has made its first breakthroughs in this field for many times, such as building China's first health cloud in Zhabei District of Shanghai and deploying China's first education cloud in Shanghai high school, which have greatly improved efficiency

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