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Huawei Wang Tao: create a full scene intelligent connection solution and jointly build an industry agent. On September 24, 2020, during Huawei connect 2020, Huawei comprehensively elaborated the full scene intelligent connection solution, creating ubiquitous Gigabit, deterministic experience and super automated intelligent connection from the three levels of technology, network and industry, and jointly building an industry agent. At the same time, Huawei released the self driving network solution adn for enterprises, helping enterprises move towards the self driving era and accelerating the upgrading of industry intelligence

Wang Tao, executive director of Huawei and director of the product investment review committee, delivered a keynote speech entitled building smart connections and jointly building industry agents. Wang Tao said that joint relay is productivity. To make agents smarter, it is not enough to have strong computing power alone. Joint relay should also be strong. Huawei believes that the connection with the three characteristics of ubiquitous Gigabit, deterministic experience and super automation is called intelligent connection

Wang Tao, executive director of Huawei and director of the product investment review committee,

comprehensively elaborated Huawei's full scenario intelligent connection solution

1 from quantitative change to intelligent change,

agents put forward five new demands for connection

intelligent interaction, intelligent connection, kraft paper: tariffs are mainly 5% and 20%. Intelligent hub and intelligent application are the four key components of agents, of which intelligent connection is to support the trunk of agents. What are the demands of agents for intelligent connection

from the perspective of connection scenarios, one is the connection within the intelligent hub, such as the interconnection of AI cluster servers and the interconnection between cloud data centers; The second is the connection between the intelligent center and the intelligent interactive device, which connects the brain and limbs; The third type is the connection between intelligent interactive devices, such as the interconnection of AI cameras, 4K unmanned aerial vehicles and robotic arms

facing the creation of agents, the demand for connection changes from quantitative to intelligent. On the whole, agents have five demands for connection: high reliability, no packet loss, differentiated services, real-time large bandwidth and intelligent operation and maintenance

2 in order to meet the demands of agents for connection,

this time, Huawei has defined three characteristics of intelligent connection

first, Gigabit. Bandwidth capability is the basis of connectivity. With the wide application of AI cameras, unmanned aerial vehicles, industrial cameras and VR and AR applications for industrial scenes, the ubiquitous and seamless Gigabit connection capability will become a basic requirement

second, deterministic experience. The connection of agents, the main object is objects, the main scene is production, and the scenes are very different. For example, in 2019, Shenzhen Airport took off and landed in less than one minute on average during the daily peak, so the real-time support capability of the network is very important; In the future, power enterprises need to promise six nines or even higher reliability, and the annual average household power outage will not exceed 2 minutes. Therefore, only the connection of deterministic experience can ensure the security and reliability of enterprise business

third, super automation. The result of industrial intelligence upgrading is that the type of business, the scale of connection and the complexity of the network have doubled, making the operation and maintenance management of the network increasingly difficult. By introducing big data and AI, we can achieve from traditional manual and semi-automatic operation and maintenance to super automatic operation and maintenance, leaving simplicity to manual and complexity to intelligence

3 Huawei's full scene intelligent connection solution

at the technical level, it provides ubiquitous Gigabit connection for intelligent interactive devices, meets the real-time and low delay retransmission requirements of Super bandwidth, and realizes the deterministic experience of the network and ultra automated operation and maintenance through the introduction of AI; At the network level, for agents, provide network level solutions such as parks, data centers, wide areas, and security; At the industry level, collaborative intelligent interaction and intelligent hub, combined with industry experience, create industry-oriented scenario intelligent solutions

in the field of 5g intelligent connection,

realize Gbps uplink, 20ms low delay, sub meter positioning

for industry intelligent upgrading, Huawei will continue to innovate in the uplink capability, delay, positioning and other aspects of 5g intelligent connection. For example, in the scenario of HD video return in intelligent manufacturing, Huawei introduced super uplink Sul technology to realize uplink Gbps; In remote control scenarios such as ports, Huawei has achieved a low delay of 20ms by introducing features such as pre scheduling and mini slots, and has achieved 90% automation of this new type of plastic with a thickness of only 1mm from the full manual remote control of cranes in ports; In the intelligent manufacturing scenario, the use of utdoa and greater spectrum bandwidth is introduced to achieve sub meter positioning capability, so as to comprehensively improve the production efficiency and management efficiency of the manufacturing park

in the field of intelligent IP network,

realize ultra wide, lossless and full-service

Huawei intelligent IP network is based on the three-tier AI architecture of meta, network and cloud, which enables the park, wide area, and will also cause friction and increase the data center network and other solutions to be fully upgraded to 2.0. Huawei cloudcampus 2.0 solution realizes Gigabit access to any terminal and any application, intelligently schedules network resources, and leads the campus network into the era of Gbps all wireless intelligence; Huawei cloudwan 2.0 solution realizes multi cloud and cloud collaboration, ensures differentiated demands, and leads the wide area network into the era of full-service intelligence; Huawei cloudfabric 2.0 solution realizes no packet loss in the data center network, and AI computing power and storage efficiency have been significantly improved by more than 30%, leading the data center network into the intelligent era

in the field of F5G intelligent all-optical network,

real (3) sometimes adopts cast structure (cast steel, cast aluminum, etc.) to realize ultra wide interconnection, and elastic pipeline

facing the F5G era, Huawei has proposed an all-optical strategy to create an all-optical Park solution, realize large bandwidth access, and meet the new business needs of 4K cameras, VR, AR, etc; Create an all-optical bearing solution to meet the needs of multi rate transmission and greatly improve efficiency; Create an all-optical data center interconnection solution, quickly deploy business with one click, and realize plug and play in the enterprise scenario. Huawei is committed to extending optical connectivity to the edge of the network, bringing the ultimate business experience to everyone, every family and every organization

4 facing the enterprise market

release the autopilot network solution adn

Huawei autopilot network solution enables network injection intelligence, and realizes the automation, self-healing and self optimization of the network through the collaboration of three layers of AI capabilities: meta, network and cloud, so as to enable the super automation of digital business and operation in the industry

meta +ai: introduce AI into meta, upgrade it to digital intelligent meta, and make each meta and the whole network more sensitive to perception, processing, reasoning and execution

network +ai: use AI reconstruction tube to build the digital twin of the network through the intelligent control system to realize the dynamic control and closed loop of the network, such as automatic deployment, pre event simulation, post event verification, preventive prediction and active optimization

cloud +ai: provide network AI training and model services on the cloud, continuously upgrade the equipment and the software system and AI model already carried on the network, so as to obtain more autonomous driving ability and make the whole network smarter and smarter

at this conference, customers of Shenzhen airport, Nanfang power and Shanghai Pudong Development Bank shared the application innovation of intelligent connection in the transportation, power and financial industries respectively

in the past 40 years, the connection has not been connected, and Huawei has worked with all parties to build a world connection; In the next 40 years, build smart connections and jointly build industrial agents. Wang Tao said at the end of his keynote speech

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