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On July 23, Huaxia valve was invited to complete the maintenance and repair of five valves of boiler 1 of state investment Qinzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qinzhou Power Plant), and solved the problems of the power plant with a high level of professional ability

on July 23, Huaxia valve was invited to complete the maintenance and repair of five valves of boiler 1 of SDIC Qinzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Qinzhou Power Plant), and solved the problems of the power plant with high-level professional ability

Qinzhou Power Plant was established on January 8th, 2004. Since its units were put into operation, the company has generated 25.4 billion kwh, providing power support for the main frame of "west to East power transmission". It is a large power base in Guangxi

Huaxia valve has been supporting Dongfang Boiler to provide steam water system valves and main steam and reheater block valves for Qinzhou Power Plant since 2006. Over the years of cooperation, the high-quality products and high-level services of Huaxia valve have won the full trust of Qinzhou Power generation. The two sides have not only established a good relationship between supply and demand. Since 2011, Huaxia valve has also provided paid services for steel castings at the request of the power plant to solve the maintenance and repair problems of steel castings and valves for the power plant. The quality level of each service has been highly recognized and evaluated by the professional workers of the power plant

SDIC Qinzhou Power Generation Co., Ltd.

in the middle of July, Qinzhou Power generation was under C repair of No. 1 boiler. Five valve steel castings and valve bodies were detected by professional testing companies, and the surface showed excessive linear defects, which must be polished and eliminated. However, because these valves are imported products from abroad and the valve body is made of steel castings, a power construction company also lacks experience in dealing with the defects of steel castings. If these problems cannot be solved in time, they will affect the normal ignition of the power plant, and the consequences are very serious

at this time, Qinzhou Power Plant thought of Huaxia valve again. Two years ago, Huaxia valve maintained the relevant valves of No. 2 boiler of Qinzhou Power Plant, and the No. 2 boiler still operates normally, which shows that the professional and technical personnel of Huaxia valve are trustworthy

these valves of Qinzhou Power Plant are imported valves, which are more difficult to detect, maintain and repair. However, Huaxia valve believes that providing customers with high-quality service is not a simple slogan. As long as customers need it, we should try our best to complete it. Soon, the company sent experienced Wang Ping, zoulumin and Fu Li to Qinzhou Power Plant

during the eight days of working on site in Qinzhou Power Plant, three professional technicians suffered extraordinary hardship. Qinzhou is located in the south. The weather is hot. The three people worked on the stove from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. except for the lunch time, and sweat flowed down their heads, faces and bodies. Their work clothes were wet and dry and wet

developing new materials for on-site service of customers helps to realize one of the sustainable development tasks of the material industry

on-site service for customers

however, the most difficult thing is not the weather. After arduous defect elimination, three professionals found that the five valve bodies have defects in varying degrees, which are more cost-effective in this way. 1 and a number of defects are all casting defects, After long-term operation, the stress is released, resulting in linear defects on the surface of the valve body. Among them, a 4mm Diameter air hole of one valve has been polished for 30mm and has not yet bottomed out, which took a lot of time and energy. Five valves and three people took turns to eliminate defects with two grinding wheels, which took three days to complete

after polishing, the three people combined with the site conditions, according to the different materials of the valves, and referring to the relevant power construction specifications, were used in the tensile test of artificial wood, canvas, curtain, copper and other materials. The process measures such as preheating of the handle, welding rod repair welding, hydrogen elimination after welding, slow cooling and so on were used to carry out the repair, and all the repair results were tested to be qualified, meeting the process requirements of the power plant

Qinzhou Power Plant was very satisfied with the on-site service of Huaxia valve, and gave a high evaluation in terms of service attitude, work quality and skill level. The professional engineer of Qinzhou Power Plant expressed the hope that in the future, the inspection and repair of all steel casting valve bodies in the power plant can be undertaken by Huaxia valve. The picture shows that Huaxia valve professionals are molding products in Qinzhou. The dimensional stability of products is good, and the on-site service of power plant is available

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