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Xu Zhijun of Huawei: China's 4K UHD users will exceed 200million in 20 years, and the development of the industry still faces key challenges.

the development of 4K UHD industry still faces key challenges, which need to be improved from the fields of specification, content, network and so on, and gather the strength of the whole industry chain to cope with and solve, Xu Zhijun, vice chairman of Huawei, said on Wednesday

at the China ultra high definition video (4K) industry development conference, Xu Zhijun delivered a keynote speech on "building an ultra high definition industrial system and industrial clusters with innovative advantages". He pointed out that at present, video has become the main way for consumers to obtain information, accounting for 60% of the current network traffic, and will continue to grow to 85% in the future; Consumers are willing to pay for a better experience, and more than 80% of consumers are willing to pay extra to watch Ultra HD content; China has become the largest 4K UHD market. It is estimated that in 2020, the number of 4K UHD users in China will exceed 200million, accounting for more than 50% of the world, which will be the sum of North America and Europe, and 13 times that of Japan

"Huawei has made an order of current industrial challenges, and the first is content richness." The content capacity is not enough to support the normal broadcasting of a 4K UHD channel; The production cost is high, and the cost of UHD transcoding is 4 times that of HD. In terms of standards and specifications, players in the industrial chain interpret the technical standards and experience levels respectively, and should use hydraulic oils with high viscosity in summer, which are customized and developed respectively, resulting in inconsistent steps in the industrial chain; At present, 4K TVs/set-top boxes in the market only have a resolution of 4K, less than 10% of TVs supporting HDR, high frame rate and wide color gamut, and less than 0.1% of set-top boxes. In the network field, the bearer network only meets the 20m code stream. If it wants to support the 50m code stream, the access and metropolitan area need to be transformed; 60% of the problem of video experience lies in the family network. The busy hour experience is poor, invisible, unmanageable, and the door-to-door cost is high

Xu Zhijun proposed that in order to meet these challenges, the UHD industry needs to be unified in specification and rhythm, from focusing only on 4K resolution to forming a consensus, and add new indicators such as high dynamic range and high frame rate of HDR on the basis of resolution. At the same time, high-quality 4K content is the leader, and it is necessary to speed up the supply side reform. By accelerating the launch of 4K Ultra HD channels, government support to cultivate the market, developing 4K Ultra HD direct cinema lines, and leveraging the 2018 World Cup, more users can feel the shocking experience of 4K Ultra HD. In addition, the end-to-end guarantee is the key to the revolution of 4K UHD video experience

he also stressed that 4K UHD experience should be taken as the leader to drive the 4K UHD industry to be global and high-end. Accelerate the supply of 4K Ultra HD, meet the needs of consumers for experience upgrading, and stimulate the innovation vitality of the whole industry; Make use of the scale of China's huge market to build the competitiveness of 4K UHD video industry chain and participate in global market competition; Facing the future, we should strengthen basic research and innovation

according to c114, Xu Zhijun released and elaborated Huawei's video strategy at the third global ultra wideband Summit Forum in 2016, which is an overview of promoting video as an operator: basic business, helping operators achieve commercial success in the video industry, in which Huawei positioned itself as an enabler

based on the video strategy, Huawei is taking actions and investing in six aspects. The first is to build an end-to-end understanding of the video industry, business consulting and business design capabilities to help operators achieve business transformation; Secondly, aiming at the challenges of difficult and high cost of video content acquisition, we built the ability of content aggregation, provided video operation support through cloud services, and helped operators reduce the difficulty of content acquisition. We completed the industrialization experiment and cost in the 300000 ton/year high-density polyethylene device of Jilin Petroleum ethylene plant; From the perspective of ensuring the end-user experience, build a cloud integrated video business platform to help operators efficiently develop and operate video businesses, and open video capabilities; Continue to innovate and invest in the field of video chips, open middleware, and promote the development of video terminal ecology; In the field of ultra wideband network, build an end-to-end network based on video services to achieve the best video services, such as Sony's new generation e-dog experience; Based on the u-vmos video experience standard proposed in 2015, build the planning and design, integration and experience management capabilities for video business, and realize the visualization, manageability, predictability and assurance of video experience

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