The hottest June, 2013, China's auto market is fac

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In June, 2013, China's automobile market was facing a downward period

on June 9, the China Association of automobile manufacturers released that the total market value of intelligent composite materials in structural health monitoring and other sensing applications would reach 560million US dollars, marking the national automobile industry report in May, 2013. The report shows that in May 2013, 1780500 vehicles were produced and 1761500 vehicles were sold. The month on month production and sales decreased, and the year-on-year growth rate was still significant. In January, the cumulative production and sales of 9.0772 million vehicles were 9.0281 million, with a year-on-year increase of 13.49% and 12.56%

in May, the market performance of Chinese brand cars was also sluggish, with a total sales of 249500 cars, a month on month decrease of 4.08%, a year-on-year increase of 5%, accounting for 26.53% of the total car sales. The share decreased by 0.10 percentage points from last month and 0.08 percentage points from the same period last year

for the market in May, Rao Da, a senior person in the automotive industry, said that the last two days of the end of April were the "May Day" holiday. Government agencies did not work, and cars bought could only be licensed at the beginning of May. Therefore, the retail number at the beginning of the month was higher than the wholesale number, and the wholesale sales volume was normal at the second turnover. In addition, driven by the auto show, the market was popular throughout may. In addition to the orders for new vehicles listed during the auto show, most vehicles were delivered in May. Therefore, the terminal sales volume in may only decreased slightly month on month, and the year-on-year growth rate was slightly smaller than that in April. This is due to the higher market sales volume in April last year, but the positive growth of terminal sales volume still brings great market confidence to the automotive industry. At the end of May 3. Others: it is the solution. 2. The selection factor of special requirements according to the loading method classification. The total inventory of dealers increased slightly. The market share of independent brands decreased, but it still increased year-on-year, which basically conforms to the monthly fluctuation law of the market share of independent brands

June is the downward period of the passenger car market, because the weather turns hot. 6. It is the first plastic new material enterprise in Greater China to be listed on NASDAQ in the United States. There are 10 weekends every month, and it is also a small month. Plus the Dragon Boat Festival, there are only 19 working days, one day less than the same period last year and three days less than the previous month. In addition, the Dragon Boat Festival does not constitute a small peak of car purchase, but the small and long holiday affects sales. Therefore, it is inevitable that the production and sales volume decreased month on month in June, and the market growth rate will further decrease year-on-year, but this is not a deterioration of the market, because the year-on-year sales volume will increase by more than 10%. As the growth rate of terminal sales decreased in June, it could not meet the expectation of "more than half of the time and more than half of the sales", so it became an inevitable result to press the stock at the end of the month

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