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Northeast Plastic raw materials fell in June due to instability

the ex factory price of PVC of Jinhua Group, Tianjin chemical plant and Qilu Petrochemical Company was 5600 yuan, while that of Qihua group and Siping Lianhua Company was 5500 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of May, Jinhua, Qilu and Qihua all fell 200 yuan. The prices of Tianjin and Siping remained unchanged, the listing price of PVC still fell, and the actual settlement price of some enterprises was yuan, The actual price of PVC has stabilized. Although the import volume of PVC and intermediates remains high, which has a great impact on the domestic market, the current price of PVC is close to the trough, and the downward space is limited again

the ex factory price of high-pressure polyethylene of Daqing Petrochemical Company is 6500 yuan for f18d, 6400 yuan for m18d, and 6300 yuan for 18a-g and E; Yanshan Petrochemical Company 1i2a injection molding 6100 yuan, 1f7b film 6200 yuan, our company Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. we have experimental machines for each material here, 1c7a coating 6450 yuan, LD100, ld160 films are 5800 yuan, LD165 film 6600 yuan, ld605 injection molding 5700 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical Company tn00/tn26 film 6100 yuan; Lanzhou Petrochemical Company m13d 6400 yuan; Maoming Petrochemical Company, are 6300 yuan, compared with the price in the second half of May, Daqing and Qilu are down 300 yuan, Yanshan 1i2a is down 200 yuan, 1f7b is down 150 yuan, LD100, ld160 are down 400 yuan, 1c7a, LD165, ld605 prices remain unchanged, Maoming is down 200 yuan, Lanzhou prices remain unchanged, prices are down and flat, and prices are still slightly down. For Yanshan high pressure polyethylene plant, the sales of 1c7a, 1f7b and 1i2a produced by the original three production lines are general. The overall sales of film materials in the new production line is poor, and the inventory has increased. Recently, there are many imported and domestic sources in the domestic market, so the sales are difficult, and the price recovery is blocked

the ex factory price of low-pressure polyethylene of Fushun ethylene company is 6250 yuan for 2908 and 2909, 6300 yuan for 2911 and 2909fs, and 6350 yuan for 2911fs; Daqing Petrochemical Company 5000S 6600 yuan, j-grade materials, 2600J are 6500 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical Company 5000S wire drawing, 2200j injection molding, 7000F film are 6200 yuan, 5200b hollow 6450 yuan, 6100m pipe 6800 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical Company 6098 film 6300 yuan, 6145, 6147 small hollow are 6450 yuan, 1158 large hollow, 2480 pipe are 7000 yuan, 7006m injection 6400 yuan; Lanzhou Petrochemical Company 5000S 6500 yuan; Xinjiang Dushanzi Petrochemical Company 6070 and 5410 were both 6200 yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of May, Daqing fell 200 yuan, Lanzhou and Dushanzi fell 100 yuan, Yanshan 5000S fell 350 yuan, the prices of other brands basically remained unchanged, Qilu film and xiaozhongkong fell yuan, the prices of large hollow and pipe materials remained unchanged, Fushun prices were flat, and the prices of most brands of membrane materials fluctuated, hovered and sorted in the range of yuan

linear polyethylene the ex factory price of linear polyethylene in the ethylene branch of Jihua company is 6100 yuan for 7042 pellets, 6000 yuan for Daqing Petrochemical Company, 7042 yuan for Qilu Petrochemical Company, 103aa 6000 yuan for Lanzhou Petrochemical Company, 02096300 yuan for Xinjiang Dushanzi Petrochemical Company, 89106100 yuan for Maoming Petrochemical Company, and 5800 yuan for 9906 and 7042 pellets. Compared with the price in the second half of May, the prices of Jihua and Dushanzi remain unchanged, and both Daqing and Qilu fall by 200 yuan, Maoming fell by 100 yuan, Lanzhou rose by 150 yuan, and the price fell, leveled and rose. The range of rise and fall was not large, and the price was still fluctuating and finishing in a narrow range of yuan

polypropylene Fushun Ethylene Company polypropylene ex factory price, T30S 6000 yuan, T38F, Z30S, h30s-2 are 6100 yuan; Liaoyang Chemical Fiber Company 50045900 yuan, 70218, 71735, 70126 are 6100 yuan; Daqing Petrochemical Company T30S 6200 yuan; Yanshan Petrochemical Company 2401 and S1003 wire drawing are 5900 yuan, s2040 fiber 6700 yuan, f1002 stretched film 5800 yuan, k8303 injection molding 6300 yuan; Qilu Petrochemical Company T36F BOPP film 6200 yuan, EPS30R, epf30r injection molding are 6300 yuan; Lanzhou Petrochemical Company F401 5900 yuan; Xinjiang Dushanzi Petrochemical Company T30S 5900 yuan, EPF and has been widely praised, 30R, EPS30R are 6650 yuan; Maoming Petrochemical Company T30S 6200 yuan, EPC30R-H 6500 yuan, hhp3 6600 yuan; The powder of Jinzhou Petrochemical Company and Tianjin refinery is 5400 yuan, and that of Shijiazhuang Refinery is yuan. Compared with the price in the second half of May, Daqing, Yanshan, Liaoyang, Lanzhou, Qilu T36F, Dushanzi epf30r, EPS30R, Maoming epc30, but a considerable part of ophthalmic materials have not yet reached idealization, so we are looking for new technologies and methods, Continuous improvement of existing ophthalmic materials or preparation of new functional ophthalmic materials is a hot topic in the field of biomaterials research. The price of 1r-h has not changed, Fushun and Maoming T30S have increased by 100 yuan, Qilu epf30r, EPS30R and Dushanzi T30S have all decreased by 300 yuan, Jinzhou and Shijiazhuang powders have all decreased by 100 yuan, the price of Tianjin powders has not changed, the prices of polypropylene pellets and powders have more or less, with little decline, and the overall price is basically stable

polystyrene the ex factory price of polystyrene in Daqing Petrochemical Company is 6800 yuan for 200D, 8257000 yuan for Fushun Petrochemical Company, 7200 yuan for 2717, 166zg and 167zd, and 6300 yuan for Yanshan Petrochemical Company for 666d, which is the same as the price in the second half of May. After sharp fluctuations, Yanshan 666d sales have changed from stagnant to flat, and styrene prices have continued to rebound, which is conducive to the stability and recovery of polystyrene prices

AB company is now a well-known large-scale domestic manufacturer of ultra-fine heavy calcium. The ex factory price of ABS in the synthetic resin plant of s Jihua company is 9715a 8300 yuan, 750sw and 750 of Daqing Petrochemical Company are 7800 yuan and 7700 yuan, 301 8200 yuan and 301w 8100 yuan of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company. Compared with the price in the second half of May, the price of Jihua and Lanzhou has not changed, and that of Daqing has fallen by yuan. The price is more or less flat, with little decline, and the price is trying to be stable. The price of butadiene continues to rise, the price of styrene rebounds, and the price of acrylonitrile is stable, which is conducive to the stability of the current price of ABS

the prices of plastic raw materials in Northeast China, North China and Northwest China rebounded slightly in the second half of May, and fell slightly in the first half of June. The overall price has not changed significantly, and the prices of various brands of the five basic plastic raw materials are still being sorted out in a narrow range

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