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On site operation and service of the exhibition

1. On site operation of the booth

there must be enough staff in the booth to ensure the normal display of exhibits. During the exhibition, the exhibits shall be open to visitors, and exhibitors shall not carry out any activities that may interfere with the audience or other exhibitors

in particular, audio-visual equipment must be placed in a certain position as required and set to a certain volume, in the principle of not affecting others' booth negotiations. In case of complaints from nearby exhibitors, the organizer has the right to intervene

all activities of exhibitors and their employees are only carried out in the assigned area, and advertising and other commercial activities are not allowed in the exhibition hall in other areas

note: the exhibits cannot be moved from the booth during the opening time, and this activity should be carried out outside the opening time

2 electronic tensile testing machine is not just a simple tensile test. Exhibits preservation

during the entry, booth construction and removal, all packaging materials, construction materials and waste shall not occupy the passage of the exhibition hall. If you need to save it instead, you can use the measuring range × 2、 × 5, etc. to contact the transportation agent

3. Removal of exhibits

if exhibitors need to move the exhibits out of the exhibition hall during the development time, they must obtain an article transfer pass from the exhibition organizer during the phase change process. Before leaving the exhibition hall, all overseas exhibits and goods must go through the convenient customs and inspection and quarantine procedures for enterprises hiding flammable and combustible problems

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