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Energy saving glass on-site nondestructive testing technology exchange meeting

on March 7, 2017, "energy saving glass on-site nondestructive testing technology exchange meeting" was held in the conference room of Beijing aobotai Technology Co., Ltd

the purpose of this exchange meeting is to exchange the progress of on-site nondestructive testing technology of energy-saving glass, understand the needs of end users, and achieve a good connection between the glass industry and the door, window, curtain wall and construction industry. Therefore, the meeting invited Yi xubiao, deputy director of the plastic door and window Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association, Yang Fan, chief engineer of contemporary energy conservation, Niu Xiao, expert of the plastic door and window Committee, Chen Zhiqiang, product director of Sidi International Design Co., Ltd., Yu Ping, editor in chief of architectural glass and industrial glass, Dr. Zhang, President of Beijing aobotai Technology Co., Ltd., and chief engineers of real estate enterprises to attend the meeting

at the meeting, the chief engineer of obotai technology introduced two important reasons for the birth of energy-saving glass on-site nondestructive testing technology: the leading is due to the urgent needs of the construction industry, that is, the application end, and the second is to break the gap of on-site testing technology. In other words, after the general glass is installed on the building, it is impossible to detect the structure of the glass, the position and emissivity of the Low-E glass, the thermal insulation performance of the glass (such as the heat transfer coefficient K value, the total solar transmittance g value, the shading coefficient SC, etc.), the real argon content, etc

in order to solve the above problems, obotai has invested a lot of human and material resources. After years of in-depth research, it has developed a number of on-site nondestructive testing instruments for energy-saving glass. At this meeting, five portable on-site testing instruments were displayed, including: portable energy-saving glass on-site comprehensive testing system, handheld wide spectrum colorimeter, portable intelligent stress analyzer, insulating glass emissivity meter, and high-precision insulating glass thickness meter

the main business of several portable testing instruments Huitian new material is the production of engineering adhesives, which provides convenient testing means for building doors and windows, curtain wall companies, supervision units and developers, third-party testing institutions, etc., and can effectively monitor and control the quality of glass products to be installed and installed, so as to ensure that the glass on the wall is consistent with the design. When the performance of energy-saving glass meets the requirements of energy-saving design, (2) high end polyolefin can well control the heat exchange through the door and window openings, and then control the energy consumption of the whole building, so that the actual building energy consumption is more consistent with the theoretical design

at the same time, for glass deep-processing enterprises, the structure and performance of energy-saving glass can be deeply analyzed from many aspects, which provides an effective means for internal quality control of glass deep-processing enterprises, such as Low-E glass selection and factory inspection, tempered glass stress control, finished product delivery inspection, self inspection before sending to a third party for inspection, etc. The five products are non-destructive testing, which can avoid unnecessary waste of raw materials caused by the inspection process, and the glass can continue to be used after testing; Since the portable testing instrument is not limited by the testing environment, it can be tested during the deep processing process, after the glass is made into a finished product, and if the design of the construction site is poor; In addition, all types of plastics must pass the test procedure. The instrument uses the principle of optical detection, and the detection speed is fast, which can reduce the labor cost and time cost

the convening of this meeting has achieved a good connection between the glass industry, the door and window curtain wall industry and the construction industry. All experts said that portable testing equipment has solved the urgent needs of the industry, and they hope to be more applied to the market

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