On site review of 2020 technical grade evaluation

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Nanfang pump: the on-site review meeting of 2020 technical grade evaluation was successfully held

on the morning of January 28, 2021, the on-site report and review of technical grade evaluation of technicians of Nanfang Pump Division was successfully carried out in Conference Room 302, administrative building, Renhe plant. The judges of this on-site review are composed of the president of Southern Research Institute, experts in the use of related technology Vickers hardness tester, the head of human resources of the division, and the technical heads of related subsidiaries. Review

on the morning of January 28, 2021, the on-site report on the technical grade evaluation of the technicians of the South pump business department was successfully carried out in the meeting Room 302 of the administrative building of Renhe plant. The judges of this on-site review are composed of the president of the Southern Research Institute, relevant technical experts, the head of human resources of the division and the technical heads of relevant subsidiaries

before the review, Mr. zhaocaifu, deputy general manager of technology of South Pump Division, President and chief engineer of South Research Institute, and leader of technical grade Review Committee, made an opening speech. In his speech, president Zhao affirmed the positive significance of technical grade assessment to strengthen the construction of technical personnel and improve their professional ability promotion channels

this technical grade evaluation was officially launched on January 15, 2021. After the application of data and the preliminary evaluation of the factory/subsidiary company, the materials were submitted to the human resources center of the Department of destruction with different degrees of business composition products. According to the management measures for technical grade evaluation, the on-site report and evaluation shall be carried out for the personnel of level 3 and above of the application engineer. If the applicant is below the third level of the engineer, the on-site report will not be carried out, and the evaluation of the review committee shall prevail

this on-site report consists of two parts: ppt display and defense. In the PPT presentation stage, all the reporters talked freely and presented their basic situation, professional and technical level, post practice ability, main work performance, technical achievements, personal work ideas and plans in an all-round way. After listening to the presentation and report of the applicants, the judges asked and evaluated the reporters professionally from the two dimensions of basic qualifications and technical achievements

the on-site review was successfully completed in a fair and just atmosphere. After the meeting, the human resources center of GS Division will summarize the evaluation results and publicize the evaluation results for three working days after being approved by the evaluation committee

this is the sixth time that South pump has carried out technical grade evaluation. For several years, we have been adhering to the evaluation for one year, and there is a radial clearance between the addendum circle and the inner surface of the pump. As an important part of the dual channel career development system, the technical grade is expected to have a smaller impact on the macro composite materials. The evaluation provides a professional career development route for technicians, which maximizes and stimulates the enthusiasm and creativity of technicians, and reflects the great importance the company attaches to technicians

BaoJianFeng comes from sharpening, and plum blossom fragrance comes from bitter cold. To every technical line colleague who constantly delves into professional knowledge and improves professional skills in his work, the technical grade assessment is the stage for you to show your edge and fragrance

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